Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand, also known as BJSM, is a voluntary not-for-profit social organisation of people in Australia and New Zealand having cultural roots from Bihar and Jharkhand,  collectively working towards nurturing cultural heritage of India in general and Bihar & Jharkhand in particular.

BJSM maintains a cohesive Australia and New Zealand wide network of expatriates from Bihar and Jharkhand. The members help each other to realise their dreams and relish their success among own people.


BJSM is essentially a social and cultural association and aims to achieve the following objectives envisaged by our seniors:

* To promote, foster and uphold the socio-cultural and linguistic heritage of Bihar and Jharkhand.

* To facilitate better communication among the people from Bihar and Jharkhand living in Australia and New Zealand

* To promote friendship and respect among members of the association and other community members from India and Australia.

* To preserve, encourage and promote customs, traditions and culture of India in general and Bihar and Jharkhand in particular.

* To encourage meaningful discussion, fraternity and networking among the members.

* To facilitate smooth settlement and assimilation of new immigrants from the state of Bihar and Jharkhand in Australia and New Zealand.

* To cooperate and coordinate with similar minded associations and community groups in Australia and New Zealand.


To achieve its objectives, BJSM organises:

 Family get togethers; 

Celebration of festivals; 

Cultural functions; 

Assistance / guidance to new migrants; 

Help to members in need; 

Share information potentially useful to its members; 

Regular Milan (get together) in major cities of Australia and New Zealand; and

Assistance to other associations and community groups.



Our awesome team

We are privileged to have such a good team of volunteers who are working tirelessly behind the scene.

Sanjay Pandey

Coordinator (AU+NZ)

Janardan Rai

Perth (WA)

Subhash Jha

Sydney (NSW)

Neeraj Narayan

Brisbane (QLD)

Pramod Mishra

Darwin (NT)

Nisheeth Prakash

Auckland (NZ)

Manish Pandey

Christchurch (NZ)

Kavika Karshan

Adelaide (SA)

Shiv G Mishra

Melbourne (VIC)