A few words about us

Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia & New Zealand (BJSM) is essentially a socio-cultural association and aims to preserve, uphold, foster and promote the lingo-socio-cultural heritage and to facilitate smooth settlement and assimilation of new immigrants.

BJSM maintains a cohesive network across Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. 

BJSM is incorporated in NSW, VIC & WA (AU) and Auckland (NZ). 

Our Professional Teams

Following success of Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association, setting up BJSM Chambers of Commerce (Chamber) reflect its novel ideas and aims to channelising huge potential among our community members. It has bigger plans to accommodate other professional activities and supports aspiring youngsters as well as experts in realising their dreams of start up and extending their networks.


Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association of Australia & New Zealand is a socio-cultural network of medical service providers and enablers providing innovative and technologically advanced care with compassion, dignity and respect.

Chamber – ICT

Provides a a dynamic platform, connecting individuals to discuss sector-specific job opportunities, migration opportunities, collaboration, start up opportunities and offer of advice & assistanc.

Chamber – Hospitality

Job opportunities, migration opportunities, collaboration, start up opportunities and offer of advice and assistance are shared and discussed.

ANZ Coordination

BJSM ANZ Coordination group consists of members from geographically sparse places to seek advice, ideas and feedback, coordinate assistance and take actions together for any pressing challenges or shared concerns.

our services

Together we build a strong network of people from Bihar and Jharkhand

Our strength is our members – their participation and efforts to make our events happen. We value and appreciate each individual for their skills, experience and contribution.

Helping new members & migrants

Assistance to new migrants, students and members to facilitate seamless assimilation in Australian & New Zealand societies.

Celebration of festivals

Holi and Diwali are celebrated by all but Chhatha, Saraswati Puja and Durga Puja are also celebrated in some chapters.

Organising Milans (get together)

Normally 2-4 Milans (get together) in each chapter in Australia and New Zealand are organised regularly by nominated or volunteers.

Community leadership development

We hone our members’ community leadership skills by assigning responsibilities, including representation at Federation level activities.

Community collaboration

Our members are ever ready and willing to coordinate, cooperate and collaborate with other associations for shared objectives.

Contribution to community

We appreciate other community groups’ contributions. We lend our assistance at every possible opportunity and set examples by our actions.

why uS

What makes us different

We value and appreciate every member. WE as an association exist only due to your participation, contribution and efforts to make our events happen.

We focus on succes

We understand that our actions and events are going to pass on to our younger generation. For us, participation from all sections of our association is important.

Ongoing collaboration

We appreciate, value and collaborate with other ethnic community groups with care and respect. 

See real results

Our regular Milans and successful celebrations have set an example for other ethnic community groups. Other associations look at us for inspirations and ideas.

our team

An awesome team

We are privileged to have such a good team of volunteers who are working tirelessly behind the scene.

Sanjay Pandey

Coordinator (AU+NZ)

Narendra Kumar

Perth (WA)

Subhash Jha

Sydney (NSW)

Neeraj Narayan

Brisbane (QLD)

Pramod Mishra

Darwin (NT)

Nisheth Prakash

Auckland (NZ)

Manish Pandey

Christchurch (NZ)

Kavika Karshan

Adelaide (SA)

Shiv G Mishra

Melbourne (VIC)

Vijay Singh

Geraldton (WA)

Priyanka Mishra

Canberra (ACT)

Mayank Jaiswal

Swan Hill (VIC)

Kislay Jha

Queanbeyan (NSW)

Brajesh Kumar

Merrimbulla (NSW)

Ashish Jha

Queenstown (NZ)


Our work in numbers

Formally established in 1994 in Melbourne (Victoria), we have grown to all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. We keep our members updated of our activities, celebrations and supported events through our regular newsletters and vibrant local groups on WhatsApp.

Successful projects
Years of Exerience
Team members
Supported Countries

What our guests and members are saying

We do not like to brag, others do it for us. Some words of appreciation from our visitors and guests.

Glad to see this page. Didn’t know anything of this sort existed. Was missing home more than on other days during diwali and chhath and that is how found this page but couldn’t find anything about chhath celebration, kind of shocked.

Sachin Kumar


It was an enjoyable gathering (Holi Milan 2012 in Canberra). Gouri and I enjoyed very much. Also met our old friends and made new friends. From now, we will be regular to all the events.

Gopal Krishnan

Sydney (NSW)

Its really great to see the community for Bihar and Jharkhand, the place which is my origin…..I love my place of forefathers and would like to know more about it and love to interact with the friends of that place……

Binod Jha

Brisbane (QLD)

I didn’t had any idea about BJSM until yesterday. I was just getting bored at work, and decided to find out if there was any social group of biharis or jhakhandis in NZ, and I came across this website. Thank you for getting in touch with me so fast. And it was a big surprise for me when I saw an email from Aratiji today inviting me to the holi get together the week after. I am definitely going to meet them.

Rajnish Rai

Auckland (NZ)

Heartily congratulations to you and to all the BJSM team residing in Australia and New Zealand for doing such a wonderful job in uniting our NRBs and NRJs and putting them under one umbrella in such a manner that they feel like being at home and not missing even a single festive of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Sushil Singh


Hi, I was just browsing internet like always knowing the root of Bihar and Biharis all across the globe and I am so happy to see we guys united despite being in Australia. You guys rock. Just a suggestion please have a separate column on the site for counselling or to pioneering those students heading to Australia for studies. Thanks again!!


Delhi (India)

let’s work together

Let’s do something awesome together!

Your contribution matters and makes difference.