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We Plan & Commit Awesome Things

Almost all chapters celebrate major festivals and organise at least 3 get togethers – Holi Milan, Sharad Milan and Diwali Milan. It helps us showcase and promote the socio-cultural and linguistic heritage among youngsters and second generation expatriates.

We are here to help our members and others by facilitating better communication and networking. We promote friendship and respect for each other among members, and ensure smooth settlement and assimilation of new immigrants.

Our Story

How it all started

If you’ve read anything at all about BJSM, you’ll probably know at least three things: Bihar Jharkhand Sabhas are the most exciting platforms to mix / know each other in an adopted country, thousands of miles away from our homeland, Milan can be really, I mean really, enjoyable and finally these are absolutely unavoidable.

As you may be aware, Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand started in Melbourne. It has further spread in other major cities of Australia and New Zealand. Undoubtedly, it has generated significant interest among our people in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Auckland and Wellington. While the members in Auckland meet informally every two months, the members in Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney meet three times a year, and Melbourne members are still continuing their tradition of meeting four times a year.

You would appreciate that BJSM Milans strengthen our common bond of nativity and traditions shared by all of us. It has been quite heartening to see our members’ desire to deepen this bondage through such events organised under the banner of BJSM. We hope to keep strengthening this bond through similar events and look forward to get everyone’s blessings and support for all future BJSM events.

We are pleased to inform you that Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand has started its chapter in each State and Territory and relevant contact persons can be contacted without any obligation.

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Our awesome team

We are privileged to have such a good team of volunteers who are working tirelessly behind the scene.

Sanjay Pandey

Coordinator (AU+NZ)

Narendra Kumar

Perth (WA)

Subhash Jha

Sydney (NSW)

Neeraj Narayan

Brisbane (QLD)

Pramod Mishra

Darwin (NT)

Nisheeth Prakash

Auckland (NZ)

Manish Pandey

Christchurch (NZ)

Kavika Karshan

Adelaide (SA)

Shiv G Mishra

Melbourne (VIC)

Priyanka Mishra

Canberra (ACT)

Vijay Singh

Geraldton (WA)

Kislay Jha

Queanbeyan (NSW)

Mayank Jaiswal

Swan Hill (VIC)

Brajesh Kumar

Merrimbula (NSW)

Ashish Jha

Queenstown (NZ)


Our Chapters

You will appreciate that we have one association in Australia and New Zealand despite enormous potential of leadership within the community.

The members help each other to realise their dreams and relish their successes in regular get togethers.

let’s work together

Let’s do something awesome together!

We are here to collectively make difference in our adopted countries.

Our Professional Teams

Following success of Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association, setting up BJSM Chambers of Commerce (BJSM CoC) reflect its novel ideas and aims to channelising huge potential among our community members. It has bigger plans to accommodate other professional activities and supports aspiring youngsters as well as experts in realising their dreams of start up and extending their networks.


Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association of Australia & New Zealand is a socio-cultural network of medical service providers and enablers providing innovative and technologically advanced care with compassion, dignity and respect.

Chamber of Commerce – ICT

Provides a a dynamic platform, connecting individuals to discuss sector-specific job opportunities, migration opportunities, collaboration, start up opportunities and offer of advice & assistanc.

Chamber of Commerce -Hospitality

Job opportunities, migration opportunities, collaboration, start up opportunities and offer of advice and assistance are shared and discussed.

ANZ Coordination

BJSM ANZ Coordination group consists of members from geographically sparse places to seek advice, ideas and feedback, coordinate assistance and take actions together for any pressing challenges or shared concerns.