Thank you – Diwali Milan in Sydney on 14 Nov 15

On behalf of BJSM Sydney we congratulate you all on the grand success of the Diwali Milan 2015.

It goes without saying that it has been possible with the passionate efforts of all of you – especially our volunteers who took upon the massive responsibility of preparing for the event besides managing their personal responsibilities. Even the gloomy weather could not dampen the spirits of our teams. Let’s join hands in thanking them sincerely.

Some of the key highlights of this year’s Diwali Milan were – our samaj’s commitment to make a difference in the lives of kids back in Bihar/Jharkhand, the event hosted at a truly Grand venue, passionate involvement of more volunteers, program management conducted by our young team, mesmerizing dance, musical performances, motivational drama engaging kids and adults and the list goes on. Collectively they created a truly festive atmosphere within the room! As we have heard numerous times “Rome was not built in a year” this year’s success is a testament to the concentrated efforts and hard work of our volunteers who have been working together to lift the benchmarks over the years and we are progressively getting better.

It was truly rewarding to hear from the members, family and friends who attended the event that it was a great experience and they would like to volunteer/participate next year. Everyone felt satisfied that their contribution will ultimately make a difference in other’s lives.

Let’s build on the success and aim for an ultimate goal that BJSM Sydney is able to contribute more in the field of community work independently and ensuring that our bonding between families and friends from Bihar, Jharkhand gets stronger every year.

Wish you all a happy festive season and a Happy New Year 2016.

Look forward to interacting with all of you in the days ahead.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

BJSM Sydney Team