Holi Milan 2017 in Perth

Dear BJSM Perth members,

It’s almost the time to get ourselves ready for our beloved Holi Milan 2017. We would like to request all of you to give your views and suggestions on food, dates and venues. This Milan will be organised by myself, Narendra Ji & Abhi Ji.

At the moment we are proposing 26Th of March for the Milan but again we are open for suggestions to adjust the dates to ramp-up the no of participants.

Proposed Date and Venue –

Date–  Sun 2nd April


  • Kings Park
  • Piney Lake Reserve
  • Point Walter Reserve
  • Beaton Park, Dalkeith

Please confirm your participation with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. No. of participants (adults + children)
  4. Food preference (Veg/Non-veg)
  5. Location preference (options above)

Your response within a couple of weeks will be highly appreciated.

You can always reach us for any clarification.

Janardan Rai

Thanks and Regards,

Janardan Rai
BJSM Perth Co-Ordinator