Diwali Milan in Canberra on Sun 6 Nov

Just after the spring festival, Floriade and Diwali on 30 October, we are organising our Diwali Lian on Sunday 6 November 2016 at the Lennox  Gardens from 11am onwards.

We had a few get togethers in this garden and found it lovely, entertaining and comfortable. Lennox Gardens is located on Flynn Drive in Yarralumla. Facilities include a picnic area, an electric barbecue and seating. Parking is provided off Flynn Drive and cycle path access is available.

Lennox Gardens is also home to the Canberra Beijing Garden and Bihar Mandap.

On this very day, you may also wish to enjoy programs of Diwali Mela at the Albert Hall, just across the road.

Get ready, block your calendar and bring / be blessed with some prasad hope some families will observe Chhatha puja on 4-5 November.

Thank you and see you on the day.