Thank you: Diwali Milan in Auckland

Dear friend

Diwali Milan was organized by Bihar Jharkhand Sabha (association) in Auckland on 30th November 2010 at the residence of Shri Sanjeev Prasad in Manukau, Auckland.
The participants were  Shri Sanjeev & Smt Kalpana Prasad, Shri Ajay & Smt Rekha Verma, Shri Rahul Kumar  & Smt  Arati Prasad,  Shri Nisheeth & Smt Sushma Prakash, Shri Narendra & Veneeta Deva, Shri Rajeev Ranajan & Smt Chris Ranjan & Smt Neelam Garg. The younger generation of Bihari & Jharkhand also participated  enthusiastically.

We hope many new families will join us for the next get together Holi Milan in March-April 2011.

Sanjeev Prasad

Contact: 09265 0925 or 0212 060 641

Dear friends

We are pleased to announce that we will have our Diwali Milan in Auckland on 30 October 2010 at 7:30 pm.

I am sure this event will strengthen our bonds with other chapters of Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand.  

If you know any other person from Bihar or Jharkhand living in Auckland, please advise him/her of this event. You are also welcome with your family and friends.

Look forward to meeting you on the day.



Sanjeev Prasad

Manukau Auckland
Mobile:    0212060641