Commonwealth Day Multi-Faith Celebration in Canberra


10 MARCH 2014

The Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee, supported by the Royal Commonwealth Society (ACT) and the Commonwealth Round Table in Australia, is currently finalising plans for the annual multi-faith celebration.  The theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day Celebration is ‘Team Commonwealth: Transcending the Horizons.’

The celebration commences at 11am at the chapel of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (17 Blackall Street, Barton) and will involve leaders from all of the major religions as well as cultural performances representing various Commonwealth countries.


Since it came into being in 1949, the Commonwealth of Nations has faced many serious challenges.  Members have stood up and addressed these and in many circumstances achieved positive outcomes for members because the Commonwealth knows how to work as a team with shared values and a dedicated common purpose.


The challenges have included many complex issues such as human rights, the failure of democracy in some member states, gender inequality, disadvantaged communities, uneven and inequitable economic development, gaps in information sharing, the special disadvantages of small states and the environment.

To continue to meet the challenges the 53 members of the Commonwealth face in this Century it needs to fortify Team Commonwealth so it can transcend the new horizons.

All are invited to attend.  Attendees should ensure that they are present from 10.45am. Plenty of onsite parking available.

For further information:

Terry Walls,
Promotion and Media,
Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee


Ph: 0407 065 570