Bihar Flood – Bhajan Sandhya: Thanks a lot

Dear Friends

This is to sincerely thank you for your active participation in the BHAJAN SANDHYA program on 13 September 2008 organised in aid of the recent Bihar flood victims.  While the voluntarily formed, fairly new Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Australia Canberra Chapter took the leadership in organising the event, the entire community supported it overwhelmingly and we would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support and encouragement. Considering that we are all amateurs in the task of organising events, it was a huge success and the caring side of the entire Canberra Indian community was on display on the day.

Total collection up to 15 September 2008 for the purpose was over $5,500.00 in cash and sponsorships, which has been provided to the Indian High Commission … be forwarded to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. People from all the major states of Australia have also contributed generously towards this cause. We do hope our small effort will be of some assistance to the thousand’s of people who are suffering due to the floods.

Sydney Chapter of Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Australia also organised similar Bhajan Sandhya in association with Sanatan Dharma Sabha of NSW.  The Sydney Chapter’s event organiser, Shri Ambupad Thakur, strongly acknowledged our initiatives in raising funds for the Bihar flood victims and helping organise the first program in Canberra. The event provided them the motivation to organise a similar successful program in Sydney on the 18th of October which raised more than $5,000.  He hopes this will not end here though and it would encourage others in Australia and abroad to translate their feelings and words into action to do more for our distressed brothers and sisters in our home state of Bihar.

As such, with your help and assistance we were able to send more than $10,000 to our people in need.

A Wonderful Program

We cannot thank enough to our interstate participants – Shri Ambupad Thakurji, Shri Amitabh Singhji and the supporting musicians Shri Aruj Singalaji, Kishore Chandji, Mittal Rupareliaji and Shalendraji. The participants drove all day from different cities in the midst of their other commitments to be here on time for the event and we will ever be grateful to them for contributing hugely towards the grand success of this occasion organised for a humble cause.

The soulful music and the beautiful rendition of bhajans mesmerised the audience for two complete hours. The devotional melodies of Amitaabh Singh and Ambupad Thakur left the 100 plus audience spellbound and speechless. The spirit went to a level when audience became a part of whole performance and started singing bhajans along with the lead singer. People were so lost in the devotion and spirituality that the programme that was scheduled to be concluded by 9:00 PM ended a little later and the audience felt that their spiritual thirst had still not been quenched. The Bhajans were sung and heard with such devotion that time permitting, it would have continued for a number of more hours! The music was immensely enjoyed by all who were present and will be missed by those whole were unable to make it on the day.


Undoubtedly behind this spectacular gathering was the true cause of charity, the pleasure of giving for the benefit of millions of unfamiliar faces who lost everything in this natural disaster and the spirit of humanity. It is beyond doubt that when a mission is undertaken with undeterred selflessness and dedication it is equally complemented by peoples’ support and enthusiasm. There couldn’t have been a better example than this initiative that gained massive support without any affiliation to a religion, region or nation.

Nonetheless, the biggest performers are the audience members and donors from various places who contributed beyond expectation and made this whole function worth organising. People even donated twice on that evening. This initiative has also proved that most of us are still being governed by the urge of helping others in grief and despair rather than going by the logic that the charity never reaches to the affected people. However this logic appears more as an excuse than a reason.IMG_5219

The event was a great success by all measures – thank you all again. Pictures have been posted on the Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Australia website (


Special thanks to HE Smt Sujatha Singhji, who has supported and appreciated our initiatives from the very beginning. The graceful attendance of Shri Vinod Kumarji, the Deputy High Commissioner of India and Shri Yesdev Sharma Jeelallji, the Economic & Trade Commissioner of the High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius throughout the program kept our spirits high.


We are really indebted to the Indian High Commission, the High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, the Social Club of the Department of Health and Ageing, Hindi Samaj, Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre, Radio Manpasand, India Australia Association Canberra, Radio Rimjhim, Gujrati Samaj, Marathi Samaj, Kannadiga Samaj, Malayali Samaj and members of other association in Canberra for disseminating information about the program and also for their valuable encouragement and support.

I would also like to mention support from our members notably Shri Gopal Keshri, Shri Sourabh Mishra and Shri Rajesh Tripathy in Melbourne, Shri Rajnish Singh and Shri Narendra Tripathi in Sydney and Shri Chandra Bhushan Tripathi in Perth for coordinating contributions in their respective cities. They have also sent us some valuable suggestions that will be posted in Forum.

We would also thank to all of our respected members including Smt Anjana and Shri Ajit Bannerjee, Smt Manju and Shri Kumar Narayan, Smt Shobha and Shri Lakhan Sharma, Smt Shobha and Shri Janender Sharma, Shri Alind Kumar, Sri Jayant Prasad and Smt Varma for their help in preparing such delicious prasadam on the occasion and other assistance. Some kids namely Kanika, Mona, Charu and Ayushi need special thanks for their calculative salesmanship in selling soft drinks, provided by Shri Raj Satijaji. I have no words to thank Pundit Shailesh Diwedi and our kuberji Shri Lalji Singh for their contributions. The program would not have been successful without an able Sutradhar like Smt Padmaja Jha.

Our special thanks to local participants Shrimati and Dr Varma along with Shrimati Pushpaji, Shrimati Mitaji Pota, Smt Ragini Singhji, Shri Raviji Vaikyl, Pundit Shaileshji Diwedi and Shri Narayanaji Upadhyaya for agreeing to participate in the function at such a short notice. The whole idea was acted upon in a week’s time and the grand success of the event was possible only because all of you readily agreed to participate in whatever way.

May God bless us with prosperity, strength, courage and willingness to always support people in need.

Thanks again to all of you and other people who worked relentlessly behind the scene and we forgot to mention here.


Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia & New Zealand